Maggie Nhan


March 2021

    "Josh was such a pleasure to work with! He is an extremely talented animator who’s always on top of his assignments. He was always concise, detailed, and tackled some of the most complicated animation shots without any trouble. He never had any late assignments and communicated any issues clearly and thoroughly. He even offered his own input on how to approach certain animation assignments which saves us so much time in the long run! I highly recommend Josh for anyone who needs a skilled 2D animator that has an amazing work ethic."


Usman Waseem


March 2021


    "Joshua was a super talented animator to work with! He always turned projects in on time, followed directions very well, and was really enthusiastic with the work that he did."

Thomas Twolan

Portfolio Entertainment

November 2020


   "Josh worked for me on Season 1 of Doomsday Brother at Portfolio Entertainment as a freelance animator. I was Josh's Animation Supervisor on the show. Josh was a great addition to the team and picked up the style of the show quickly and fit into the production easily. His timing as an animator was always constant and helped bring the humour of the show to life. When I gave feedback, notes and draw overs to Josh he would always take them well and ask the right question to clarify anything which made work with him a smooth process. I would happily work with Josh again."


Sean Copley


April 2019


           "Josh is a pleasure to work with. His animation quality and work ethics are top-notch. He helped us at Renegade many times, and became a pillar we knew we could rely on. If you need a 2D animator, I would highly recommend Josh Pinker."


   Zachary Mekelburg

Renegade Studios

September 2018


                  "Josh is a pleasure to work with. His animation quality and work ethics are top-notch. He helped us at Renegade many times, and became a pillar we knew we could rely on. If you need a 2D animator, I would highly recommend Josh Pinker."

Adam Belford

Cartuna animation studios

November 2017


                  “Joshua Pinker has been a standout artist for our animation studio. We’ve been working with Joshua for the past few months and plan on continuing to collaborate throughout 2018 and beyond. Joshua is an excellent collaborator and artistic talent. He is always reliable, hardworking and efficient. He has worked both on client work for MTV (Viacom) and original content for our studio. As an Animation Director, he is a jack-of-all-trades talent that has handled all aspects of the animation process from character design and storyboards all the way through final animation. We’re excited to continue our artistic collaboration and we’d highly recommend Joshua as an animator.”

Alex Salsberg

Owner, PokeGravy Studios

September 2017


                    “Josh is a very talented animator. He's a fast learner who takes direction well, and he went above and beyond in his work for me to get the look I wanted. He completed everything on time, communicated well and I look forward to working with him again!”

James Netherly

Animation Director at Lowbrow Studios

September 2017


                    “Joshua worked with me at Lowbrow Studios as one of my Toon Boom Harmony character riggers. He always did great quality work and completed his assignments on time. Joshua has also worked for Lowbrow as an animator on Cyanide and Happiness and other projects and did great work there as well. He is a talented animator with a strong sense of posing, timing, anatomy, and acting and it shows in both his animation and rigging work. I highly recommend Joshua for any animator or rigging position!”


Sharon Reid  

Founder, Director of Creative Development at Robots and Cupcakes

February 2016


                 “Josh is AMAZING to work with: Fun and easy going, while also very professional and talented. He's one of those optimistic and supportive people you want mixed in to your team. If you can snag him, you won't be disappointed!”


Ryan Geiger  

Creative Director at IdeaMachine studio

August 2015


                   “Josh is easy to work with, takes direction well, and won't stop until he gets the job done. He has a friendly demeanor, positive attitude, and is dedicated to his work.”

     Karen Goldfarb   

Editor at Bloomberg News

May 2015

                  “Josh Pinker is an incredibly creative, dedicated and committed artist/animator who brings a wonderful style and humor to his work. He is the animator for my short film: Lucky and the Pirates -- He created wonderful characters and brought it all to life in a timely, professional and creative way. I love what he did -- I think you would be very happy to have Josh work with you on your projects”

    Rebekah Wallace    

Founder of 76th Street, Ink.

May 2015


                    “Josh Pinker would be an asset to any company, and I am happy to recommend him. Josh worked as an intern for my cartoon stationery business during the summer of 2014. He had a fantastic attitude and lots of excitement about the brand, which was refreshing. I put him in charge of developing character designs for a variety of products in my shop—a massive task. He took ownership for the project and turned revisions very quickly. Josh is a team player, trustworthy, friendly, and very reliable. I am looking forward to seeing the great work that Josh creates in the future.”